April 2008

       Woven Knitting
       I was inspired by Colinette Klee's Violin Crochet Cushion to create a
       knitted version. What I came up with is a garter stitch in one yarn
       (ribbon) with the other yarn (wool slub) woven in while knitting.

       Here's how to do it...
       With bigger needles and yarn A, cast on an even number of stitches.
       Then for every row do the following: Knit 1, *lay yarn B in front,
       knit 1, lay yarn B in back, knit 1, repeat from *. (Note: you are
       not actually knitting with yarn B.)

       I will be demonstrating this at Urban Yarns on April 27th at 12-5pm.






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Klee's Violin Cushion Kit