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All knitwear designers do not just decide to become Knitwear Designers.

Vignettes of my many roles along my knitting journey include:

Clandestine Knitter - I have childhood memories of finger knitting in the dark under the covers when my parents thought I was asleep.

Pioneer Knitter - I made my first sweater while working as an interpreter of pioneer days in Sam Livingston's house in Calgary's Heritage Park.

Meditative Knitter - While studying architecture, when I wanted to relax or contemplate my design problems, I would knit.

Entrepreneur Knitter - I designed, knitted, and sold sweaters to retail clothing stores in Calgary.

Knitter Helps Knitters - I have decades of experience working in yarn stores.

Maker of New Knitters - By sharing my enthusiasm for knitting, I have converted hundreds of "normal" people into knitters.

Therapist to Knitters - From my psychology background, I feel listening is a very important part of teaching.

Knitter Becomes Crochetier - Several years ago, I learned how to crochet and I was reminded on HOW to learn.

Knitters Ask Astor - I have gained a reputation for being a knitting problem solver.

Knitter Becomes Designer - I began designing patterns for my students.

Published Knitter - I am sharing my knitwear designs with more and more knitters.

E-commerce Knitter - I am developing patterns for sale online.

Chief Executive Knitter - I am CEK for my new company knittingAstor Design Ventures Inc.

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